Carol’s Craft Corner

Craft Armoire

Craft Armoire

Craft Armoire, Open

Craft Armoire, Open

This is a post to show you my crafting station.  I started out crafting on a card table in the back corner of the living room but quickly ran out of room. Then I moved to a 6-foot folding table but realized that the more room I had, the more clutter I created. I could have moved all my crafting into the spare bedroom upstairs but didn’t want to feel isolated from the family. After much searching, we came across this Sauder craft armoire at Step-By-Step Furniture on Colerain Avenue. These pictures were taken right after we set it up and, as those of you who have visited my home know, it is rarely ever closed up OR this straightened. I think I closed it during Christmas 2 years ago and maybe for a graduation party, but other than that it is open for business and bursting at the seams! I am by no means a neat freak and love the organized chaos of my desk, and I know exactly where each item is (MOST of the time!). However, having a small-ish work surface forces me to straighten up once a week or so. I’m thankful my family doesn’t care about my creative clutter because they know how happy it makes me. I have since added a floor model OttLite rather than the small one in the picture. Also, I now have a rolling paper cart to house my paper collection, and my Cricut machine sits on top of it. It is all very functional for me and I am grateful to have a designated craft corner.

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