Cards of a Feather Flock Together

Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Warm Fuzzies, Green Flocked Paper

Warm Fuzzies, Green Flocked Paper

I have had some interesting flocked scrapbook paper that I bought at Target almost 5 years ago. It came in 12×12 size, six papers to a pack, and they were on clearance for $2.00. I couldn’t pass that up, could I? The green paper has various fuzzy, flocked vines, leaves, and flowers, and the red has dark red flowers flocked throughout. I used the papers after I got them and made a few cards. When I think about those cards and how rudimentary they were, I’m thankful that people were sweet enough to accept them from me and use them. You all encouraged me in my card making and since that point I have learned a lot! Naturally, as any crafter does, I accumulated more and more papers over the years, and the unique flocked paper got pushed to the bottom of the pile.

Warm Fuzzies, Red

Warm Fuzzies, Red Flocked Paper

Warm Fuzzies, Red with Ribbon

Then I bought a new set of polymer stamps by Hero Arts called “Everyday Sayings.” I loved that it had stamps to pertain to many events in our lives, but when I saw the one that said “Sending Warm Fuzzies,” I knew exactly which paper to use with this stamp. I think it worked out rather well since the flocking is fuzzy and so is the saying. I love when two separate items work so well together. To add a little interest I backed the flocked paper on coordinating colored cardstock with one edge punched, and I cut triangles out of the ends the sentiment rectangle to create points. The tiny flower at the beginning of the sentiment was also included in the Everyday Sayings stamps.  

The third example uses a beautiful iridescent red ribbon to add some flair, but sometimes these cards can be bulky and difficult to mail, so that is why I opted for a flatter front on the first two cards shown.  I think “Sending Warm Fuzzies” is a bit more personal and special than a generic “Thinking of You.”  Hope your week is full of warm fuzzies!

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