Miss You Latte

 This has been a crazy week for sure! 

Last Friday a group of terrific ladies and I ventured to Arcadia, Indiana, to the Crop-A-Doodle-Do (CADD), a lovely farmhouse renovated into a bed and breakfast for craft enthusiasts.  We spent a productive, girlfriend-bonding weekend together and crafted late into the evening while watching Mama Mia and some other favorites.  Angie, our hostess at the CADD, pampered us by bringing snacks, making our beds, and of course cooking up 3 delicious meals on Saturday, as well as dinner on Friday and breakfast on Sunday.  Being at the CADD really slows down time for me and helps me totally relax; of course, the massage I got helped a lot with that too.  Friends and crafting and relaxing – can’t get much better!  We arrived home on Sunday with just enough time for me to unpack, do some things around the house, catch up on mail and then . . .



100_1954 100_1951 100_1950 100_1949

Here are just a few of the snacks and meals we were served at the Crop-A-Doodle-Do. Delicious! Also, on the upper right is a picture of my work station in the craft room – it looked this neat all of 5 seconds!

 Monday we traveled to Ft. Wayne, Indiana, to the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale.  It was a special day for “sponsors” so it definitely was not as crowded as it is on public days.  I had so much fun shopping for family and friends, and I might have even picked up a new purse for myself.  Our session was from 3 to 6, which entailed leaving my house at 9:10 a.m. to pick up my sister and then drive to Harrison to meet up with our carpool.  We were on the road by 10:00, stopped around 1:00 or so for lunch in Ft. Wayne at Cheddars (so we could get a preview of the one being built at Northgate – yummy), then arrived at the sale at around 2:15.  We had to wait in a crazy-long line until they opened the doors at 3:00, but the venue is so massive that it really doesn’t seem as crowded as you might think.  We shopped pretty much until about 5:30, got in line, and were headed out the door by about 6:15.  We drove for quite a while and decided to stop for a quick supper.  By the time we got back to Harrison and I took my sister home, I walked in my front door at 11:15 p.m.  A fun but exhausting day!

vera 1

Here is a birdseye view of the sale. Behind the black and blue screens on the right were sky-high boxes of product used to replenish the tables. This picture must have been taken at the end of a sale because the tables are a little bare.

This is how the tables looked when we were there - lots of product to choose from.

This is how the tables looked when we were there – lots of product to choose from.

I had lots of things to catch up on with work, going to the grocery, and daily life.  Then, my sweet mother-in-law was admitted to the hospital yesterday for some sort of tumor growing near or on her spine that makes it difficult for her to move.  She can lie flat or with a slight elevation, and once she is up she is fine to walk, but the acts of bending to get in sitting positions, etc. are excruciating for her.  Today brings lots of tests so please say a little prayer for her.

Of course I have to show a quick card – I made this one last year and it is comprised of some stamping and a digi (digital image).  The coffee cup is a digi and the sentiment is stamped and adhered on a rectangle that is edge-punched on one side.  Of course the rest of the card is pretty self-explanatory just by looking at it.  I also used a wavy dry embossing technique on the left side of the card to simulate the little sleeves that coffee shops put around hot cups to protect our fingers.

Miss You Latte

Miss You Latte

Okay, off to visit with my mother-in-law for a while.  Have a great weekend!

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