Beer Mug Made with Cricut or Punch Art

Beer Mug Made with Cricut or Punch Art

Today I am showcasing one of my more-recent creations, and it brings together one of my hubby’s hobbies and one of my hobbies.  My hubby and his group of craft-beer-enthusiast friends are home brewers (a.k.a. bloatarians), and they are always researching methods of beer brewing, reviewing recipes, going to bloatarian meetings, visiting local craft breweries, etc.  I was excited to see a beer mug card on Pinterest similar to the one I made here, but of course I tweaked it to my liking by using the paper and supplies I have on my craft desk.  All components were made with my Cricut George cartridge, although it could easily be made with punches and simply cutting rectangles with a paper trimmer.  Here is the recipe for my beer: 

 Card base in size A2 (4-¼ x 5-½)

The mug is a white 4-½-inch rectangle (George, Shift, U). 

The handle is made from a 2-inch white capital O cut in half. 

The three rectangles on the front of the card are 3-inch yellow rectangles (George, Shift, O.)

The beer foam bubbles are simply white circles (George, Shift, Q).  I made two 1-½-inch circles, one 1-¼-inch circle, and three 1-inch circles.  I believe I also made some tiny foam bubbles with a random small flower punch I have. 

Stamp a sentiment of your choice.  (The inside of this birthday card reads, “And Many More.”)

The background of the card was made using an embossing folder for texture and interest.


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