Can you tell me how to get . . .

TGIF! Here are some of my favorite kiddie cards to make, and maybe you can see why.  They are made of simple shapes and colors are sure to delight the kids in our lives. 

Big Bird

Big Bird



Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster

I especially love that Oscar doesn’t look particularly grouchy and can evoke a smile.  I learned the techniques and instructions to make these cards in the OWH tutorials.  Measurements I used are:

1-1/2″ circles for whites of eyes

1″ black circles for pupils

3″ circle for mouth, cut in half

Oscar:  black eyebrows made on Cricut, George Cartridge, Rectangle 4; Mouth is a heart punch

Cookie Monster:  1-1/2″ cookie from kraft paper, hand-drawn “chips/raisins,” flower punch on edge to look like a bite was taken

Elmo:  1-1/2″ orange nose

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